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Полуавтоматическая трассировка - только исходным материалом является не растр, а векторные объекты
Многие вещи проще показать, чем описать сотнями слов. Надеемся, что эти видео фрагменты не только помогут вам составить представление о пакете, но и лягут в основу технологии автовекторизации ваших материалов. Успехов!

Hardware acceleration based on the nVidia CUDA technology may be used in Easy Trace Pro now. Currently, it supports raster operations (Diffusion, Unsharp Mask, Contrast Enhancement, Resampling, Subject Layer Extraction), which become from 3 to 50 times quicker, depending on  what specifically you do and your computer configuration. CUDA-supporting version of Easy Trace is already available for downloading from the Easy Trace eXtreme section, and official release is expected soon. Keep up with the news!


Being professionally engaged in vectorizing for 20 years, we offer fast and reliable digitization of your materials. During all the time, we did not get any blame for the quality of performance.

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