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  • Software rental payment is 80 EUR per month (plus UPS carriage). The Easy Trace package automatically becomes a leaseholder's property if the sum of rental payment comes to the package cost
  • The Easy Trace Group protects its rights by supplying you with a protective key of a limited useful life in the delivery set of the package you have leased. To prolong the term, utility programs will be sent to the license holder on rental payment receipt on the firm's bank account. All term limitations will be deleted after package redemption - doesn't matter preschedule one or by rental payment summation.
  • Delivery cost 50 - 70 EUR (depend on country)

Easy Trace Pro lease

Price: 80 EUR per month

The delivery set includes:

  • CD with software and documentation;
  • Easy Trace User Guide;
  • License agreement;
  • Protective key

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