Spline mode is provided for the Curvilinear Tracer in Easy Trace Pro 9.0.

Interface of the tool differs markedly from one of similar tools in other applications. It is characterized by simple and univocal line form control with the help of mouse cursor move. The tracer creates a curve corresponding to the form of an object in the image rather than an abstract smooth curve through specified points.

Spline mode is a submode of semiautomatic tracing that may be started when necessary. For example, you may begin semiautomatic vectorizing of a curve, then create a long straight segment manually and complete the operation by forming of a complex curve in the spline mode. Final result is a common polyline.

The mode is useful for vectorizing of natural objects with indistinct boundaries in space imageries.

The new Easy Trace PRO 9.0.1856 version is available at our site. Spline mode is provided for the Curvilinear Tracer. It enables quick and accurate forming of objects that have indistinct or “dirty” boundaries in the image, i.e. in the cases when automatic and semiautomatic vectorizing is impossible. The tool is useful for manual decoding of natural objects’ boundaries in space imageries.

The Rectangle Tool is supplied with some operation modes for quick imagery decoding and forming of address plans.

The tool for line extraction from the massive of intercrossing segments is completely revised (for example, automatic vectorizing of a map with a dense grid and complex road network).

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We enroll students for the training course "Vectorizing of cartographic materials by means of Easy Trace Pro". During the course, you will get comprehensive information about Easy Trace Pro features and application methods. Vectorizing technologies may be demonstrated on your own material.

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We face the following situation rather often: a company wants to buy our package, but USB-ports are blocked or missing at its working places. The program can not work without the protection key. What is the way out?

ТThis problem often arises at processing of secrete materials. Its simplest solution is stated in the article.

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You may read about new functions of Easy Trace Pro 8.8 just now. Hopefully, they will please you, as we tried hard! The distribution kit will be available for downloading at the beginning of the next week

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