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Easy Trace Pro 8.65 Free

  • Digitization of low-resolution images is a common situation. There are no gaps at all between many neighboring lines in such images. Extraction of subject layers from them and subsequent automatic digitization inevitably generate numerous “adhesions”.

    Nevertheless, it is possible to digitize low-resolution images automatically. The process starts with twofold augmentation of the image (Resample Up). It multiplies linear dimensions by two and data volume by four but ET has no problem with large image handling. More importantly, the operation deletes many adhesions after use of Unsharp Mask.

    But what about the image that is already added to the project (or received together with a reference file)? The new Resample Up tool that has appeared in the working window of project can both stretch the image and settle the matter of image positioning.

    Later you may fulfill all operations necessary for subject layer extraction. Resampling makes image processing 2-3 times quicker if your material contains many relief contours.

  • Optional rasterization of circles applying their actual radius is added to the Rasterize Vector Data utility. The option helps to "unload" images with numerous round topographical symbols and dotted lines. These objects may be deleted from the image after recognition by imprinting with the background color. It is convenient to specify real radius of circles at rasterization to delete them completely.

    Linear objects become more accessible for automatic digitization after image unloading. Apply Image Thinning first, then the Autotrace Lines utility and Breakup Joining. High effectiveness of this approach was proved at digitization of agricultural maps.

  • The Object Conversion utility is revised. Accuracy of circle transformation into polylines and strokes may be specified in project units or pixels. For example, you may outline dots in dotted lines, transform the circles into strokes and automatically join them.

  • The Raw Line Filtering utility is improved: "Reset" button is added to the field of artifact selection parameters. Click it to change the current parameters for minimal, i.e. most sparing ones. You may increase them later to find optimal balance between selection of "vector rubbish" and useful objects.
  • Numerous interconnected artificial objects are typical of city maps at the scales of 1:2000 and 1:500. Most of them are orthogonal. Automatic recognition of these objects makes digitization faster and more accurate. This improvement has its cost though – adjustment of utility parameters has become more complex.

    The following parameters are added for the Autodetect Ortho-objects utility:

    • Maximal number of adjusted contours (i.e. orthogonal polygons that have common edges and should be orthogonolize jointly);
    • Maximal non-orthogonal part (for example, a lawn adjoining to a crossroad may have an arc instead of one orthogonal edge. The object will be processed by the arc will remain intact);
    • “Delete other internal objects” option helps to remove inscriptions.
  • Project Information dialog box – options are added that enable you to include information about the project (DPI, scale, project units, project coordinates), and about image layers (absolute path, dimensions (pixels) and size (MB); DPI; color number) into the log.

    We constantly use such logs for automatic (and grounded!) calculation of pay due to operators. Besides, detail analysis of trial projects helps to assess the cost and duration of the order.

  • Selection of AND / OR operation is added for condition combining in the Search for Kinks utility. The utility checks smoothness of small polygonal objects and finds accidental damages of vector lines at manual editing.
  • The Generate Hachures utility is improved. Now, you may select direction of slope-indicating strokes: on the right or on the left, considering line direction. Explanations are added to the bottom field of the dialog box.
  • Some dialogs of attributive data export / import are altered.


  • The bug is corrected that sometimes caused fail of Mask Filtering.
  • The bug is corrected: the Autodetect Ortho-objects utility didn’t delete objects inside polygons when the corresponding option was on.
  • The bug is corrected: incorrect functioning of Shears in the Split & Select mode.
  • The bug is corrected that caused fail of the Autodetect Circles utility after adding of lines with zero range to the table and their subsequent editing.
  • The bug is corrected: incorrect work with images exceeding 4 GB in virtual memory.
  • The bug is corrected: export of insertion points of non-existent blocks caused abnormal termination of the program.
  • The bug is corrected: it was impossible to split a 3D-polyline.
  • The bug is corrected: attribute-based thematic displaying of polylines didn’t work at attribute assignment by a Tracer.
  • The bug is corrected that caused fail of the attribute table at object deletion.
  • The bug is corrected that caused fail of the Group Editor at object deselection in the Move mode.
  • The bugs are corrected that caused fail and non-saving of templates in the Rectangle Tracer.

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