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Welcome to Easy Trace Proc 11.0
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Автор:  Tatiana [ Пн дек 04, 2017 2:09 pm ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Welcome to Easy Trace Proc 11.0

To be precise, th 11.0 version appeared on our site in June. But recently it was updated to build 2606. The key innovation of this version, of course, is the complete redesign and expansion of the capabilities of the Technology Repository.

"The Repository is the core element of the system intended for technology learning, saving, and shared use in Easy Trace. It contains technologies specifically, i.e. image samples + corresponding series of operations supplied with comments (video-comments frequently)..."

Vectorization is a difficult thing, if the source material is slightly more than primitive. Therefore, in addition to knowing the capabilities of tools and utilities
of the software, it is not superfluous to know about the optimal sequence of operations, the shortest way leading to the final result. Actually, this is the whole point of the Technology Catalog.

Now any Easy Trace project can become a technology storehouse. It is enough to keep the technological chain in the Compund Tool, and even beginners can use it.
It's tested and it works.

How it looks you can see on our YouTube channel, Easy Trace Group.

Download the Easy Trace Pro 11.0 version here >>
The descriptions of new features are here >>

If anyone does not know. In demo mode (without a dongle) you can try at least 6 examples from the Technology Repository.
The functionality of the software is kept at 100%, the restrictions are only in the volumes of the image and the vector data.

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