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Easy Trace eXtreme. How to install?
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Автор:  Марина [ Пн мар 11, 2013 10:25 am ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Easy Trace eXtreme. How to install?

eXtreme – what is it?
Just for those who don’t know– eXtreme is a beta-version of the next ET release yet to be published.
It’s a foolish name, I admit but we want to emphasize that the possibility to face with a bug in the beta-version is higher and you install it on your own risk.

The version is available for downloading as an archive, which should be unzipped with file substitution above a copy of the folder with the last official ET release. So, you will just renew altered files. The archive is small - 26Mb only.

How to install the "beta"?
1. Download the archived beta-version, from here >>

2. Open the folder where to the last ET version was installed and may a copy of the folder with program files. In this way for example:


3. Move the downloaded archive to the copy of the program file folder and uncompress it with overwriting of existing files.

4. Rename the copied folder. In this way for example:

5. Copy the ET shortcut on the desktop and rename it. Open properties of the copy and specify the path to the file ET.EXE and the working folder of the program.

6. That’s all. Two versions of the Easy Trace digitizing software are now installed on your computer. Don’t forget that you should click the corresponding shortcut rather than a project file name (one with the JET extension) if you want to use the beta-version.

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