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 Заголовок сообщения: How "to call " vector objects
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It is often necessary to check and correct shapes of numerous small objects (lakes and the like) after automatic vectorizing.

It is much more convenient "to deliver them call-up papers" and than "to summon" them all for control than 'to fish out' one lake after another.

This method ensures:

[list=]1.Large scale convenient for object check and correction;

2.Automatic placement of every object in the center of the screen;

3.Once-only check of every object;[/list]

There are several ways to do it.
The "marked object" conception and the "review marked objects" mode are introduced in latest versions. You may mark objects with the help of the Group Editor.


    1.Select objects with the Group Editor applying selection by a query;

    2.Click the Mark button;

    3.Switch on the Marked Objects Indication view mode. The number of marked objects is represented in the field of the View Modes Bar near the button of the mode.

    4.Push «F» to place the next object to the center of the working window.

When you select the next object, the previous one becomes unmarked and can not be "called" automatically.

Users of earlier versions may apply navigation from one error mark to another and recurring change of the current layer:

    1.Create the auxiliary layer _ERRORS_ (if it is not created automatically yet);

    2.Switch off or freeze all layers but _ERRORS_ and Lakes;

    3.Select all objects to be checked with the Group Editor and attribute them to the layer _ERRORS_;

    4.Take the Editor;

    5.Push «F» to place the next object to the center of the working window.

    6.Push «S» when correction is over. The layer Lakes becomes current and the object becomes automatically attributed to this layer. Repeated stroke of «F» will not "call" it again.

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