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Transparent (seamless) overlapping of neighboring images
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Автор:  trace98 [ Ср апр 22, 2009 9:11 am ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Transparent (seamless) overlapping of neighboring images

Topographical maps are far from being rectangular and neighboring sheets inevitably overlap each other. One should specify boundaries of images for their seamless representation. To do it, apply the command Project => Crop/Clip Image available beginning from version 8.4.

ET uses vector frames of map sheets as image borders. Select polygonal clipping in the Parameter Bar. Then hold the Ctrl key pushed and specify the closed vector frame. Click the mouse right button and select “Clipping boundary”.

The image outside the frame becomes transparent after it. Neighboring sheets remain overlapping as before but we see the exact boundary between them (representation borders should be specified for both images of course).

We may also recommend the command for map sheet “emersion” for users of earlier ET versions - «Alt + left click». The image you have clicked becomes the topmost in the set of color images added to your project. It simplifies assembling of neighboring sheets to some extent.

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