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How to change objects’ layer (and more)
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Автор:  trace98 [ Ср апр 22, 2009 9:09 am ]
Заголовок сообщения:  How to change objects’ layer (and more)

Select an object with the Editor (or several objects with the Group Editor) and then change the current layer. Change of the layer – double click in the Current Layer field (lower left corner of the working window) and selection in the list.

Generally, double click opens any list in the Parameter Bar of Easy Trace. We consider it to be the most convenient way to change parameters of the current tool.

Tools – tracers in Easy Trace “remember” the last layer they were used at. For example, Curvilinear Tracer may remember the layer “Roads” and Orthogonalizing Tracer – the layer “Communication lines”. The layer becomes the current one when you select the tool. That’s why it is possible sometimes to miss the change and place the object to a wrong layer.

To avoid it, you may forbid implicit layer change (Service -> Project Parameters). But it is even better to form your own set of tools (View -> Toolbars -> User Tools). A user tool is just a combination: Tool + Layer + Tool Strategy with a button assigned for it.

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