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Development of program functions on user requests – our once usual but somewhat forgotten work style - has gained the second wind.

When work on ET started more than two decades ago (Easy Trace was first demonstrated in May 93 at COMTEK, on the Autodesk RF stand), there were only two developers in the team – my wife and I – and we had not the faintest idea, what a digitizing software had to be able to do. Most requirements were suggested by our first users and we just carried them into effect and delivered promptly. Inevitably, there were bugs in the program because of this just-in-time method but the users were forgiving as they found something really new and necessary in every next version.

Then the software grew out of swaddling-clothes, acquired advanced tools and utilities, and the flow of requests and suggestions exhausted little by little. Digitization became something basic and uninteresting for GIS devotees on the one hand and a common and routine task for operators on the other hand.

But now something has changed again. May be, new projects have become less pro forma, with real responsibility for results. Don’t know... Anyway, we began to receive new requests from the users concerning their urgent needs and have no right to ignore them.

Actually, we have been working on our own projects in this manner all along. A customer comes with a last-minute project, siphoned off money (halloo, Glonass!!!) and a load of additional wishes: "... and now also this and this, but without additional paying!". And our developers solve the problems on the spot to enable these “this and this”.

Here, we have come to the title of the post - ET eXtreme. This version has numerous improvements but they are not tested perfectly yet. Anyway, we apply them successfully, and slow help is no help.

I have already heard reproaches with shifting testing on users at publication of beta-versions. Well, I’m sure that the game is worth the candle but judge on your own. Beta-version of the software is available for downloading in the section Easy Trace eXtreme together with description and those who are not afraid of flea-bites may use it even now, before official release.

Several ET versions may be installed on the same computer without any conflict. There is a dozen on my own and it doesn’t cause troubles. Simplified installation is described in the post.

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