: Строительство домов под ключ. Быстрая строительство домов под ключ недорого. Строительство кирпичных домов под ключ. Технология строительства каркасного дома. Качественное строительство каркасных домов. Строительство домов каркасно щитовых. Ремонт крыши частного дома. Быстрый ремонт своими руками частный дом. Частный дом капитальный ремонт. Самоделки для рыбалки видео. Лучшие самоделки для рыбалки своими руками. Самоделки для рыбалки фото.
Укладка ламината своими руками. Какова стоимость укладки ламината. Работа укладка ламината. Бизнес идеи для начинающих. Как начать бизнес без вложений. Строительный бизнес с чего начать. Фото поделки своими руками. Лучшие поделки для сада своими руками. Как сделать поделку своими руками. Дизайн гостиной фото. Красивый дизайн гостиной в квартире. Гостиные маленькие дизайн.
Easy Trace Professional

Effective vectorizer? Handy tool?

No. A true cartographic vectorizer designed for real map processing, suitable for vectorizing of whole towns and regions, and yet simple and handy in use.

See for yourself


Besides information on opportunities and methods of Easy Trace Pro software use, at our training courses we share vectorizing technologies for cartographic materials honed over 20 years.

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R2V service

Being professionally engaged in vectorizing for 20 years, we offer fast and reliable digitization of your materials. During all the time, we did not get any blame for the quality of performance.

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  • - 18 October 2013

    New version Easy Trace Pro 9.6 is available for downloading. Read here about alterations and new abilities.

  • - 26 April 2013

    In April 2013, the number of licenses acquireв by ZAO «Ark-on» increased up to 11. The company bought the first license as a sample to…

  • - 18 April 2013

    Hardware acceleration based on the nVidia CUDA technology may be used in Easy Trace Pro now. Currently, it supports raster operations (Diffusion, Unsharp Mask, Contrast…

  • - 09 April 2013

    On April 8-10, 2013, of-site training session «Vectorizing of cartographic materials by means of Easy Trace software package» was organized in Saint-Petersburg for employees of…

  • - 04 February 2013

    State Land Cadastre Center (Kiev, Ukraine) bought additionally 15 Easy Trace Pro licenses in January 2013. The Center started with free ET 7.99, then bought…

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Video samples

We have lots of different technologies of Easy Trace, but they often require a detailed study to understand: "Is this what I want?". In addition, many technologies are much easier to explain with a living example. Choose from more than 20 video clips and 5 detailed video lessons. Read more..

ET and privacy

The fact that information has value, forcing large companies to block all possible ways to leak. Very often, it ends with elimination of all external USB-ports. Where in this case, insert the Easy Trace protection key? Read more..

New version ET 9.2

The number of new utilities and tools in this version of the package is relatively small. The main effort has been put on the transfer of the program code to the new version of the compiler. As a consequence - the emergence of a large number of errors and a complete testing package for catching them. In addition, the great work on .. Read more..

Digitization for GPS

Extremely detailed article describing the technology to load maps in GPS, including affecting the practical application of the vectorizer Easy Trace Pro, and it is freeware version of Easy Trace Pro 7.99. Read more..

New technologies

Most popular articles

  • Map digitization for GPS

    This page is accessible in Russian only.

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  • Relief digitization

    Input of relief data (vectorizing of contours, symbols of stones, relief elements, and elevation data input) takes 2 - 2.5 hours per one sheet of a topographic 1: 50000 map

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  • Space imagery decoding

    If the task is more complicated than area calculation at oil spillage or estimation of burnt wood, one may be sure that photo decoding will be mostly done manually.

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  • Topology in Easy Trace

    Easy Trace enables you to create and verify complicated topological model of vector data. We consider any vectorizer without these abilities to be a tool for time waste.

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